What is Sustainable Development & Design?

At Planet Apothecary our mission is to be at the forefront of educating the public as to the importance of sustainable living and how easy it can be to make small changes that have a dramatic long term impact. We offer a variety of services and educational programs that are custom designed to your specific areas of interest, including:

  • Methodologies for creating sustainable healthy homes, classrooms, offices and more
  • Enhancing health by eliminating toxins and carcinogens from your spaces
  • Improving the quality of what you eat, drink and breathe
  • Water conservation
  • Understanding the benefits and importance of Sustainable Design
  • Envisioning a future that we want for ourselves, our families and our children for generations to come


Planet Apothecary is also dedicated to developing products that support Sustainable Design. Our beautifully crafted products are made from recycled materials that mimic natural fibers while made from plastic bottles—an incredible technique that eliminates tons of garbage in our land fills.

Who benefits from sustainable design?

  • Families
  • Future Generations
  • Earth/Planet