• Healthy Children – Healthy Planet
  • (Ideal for schools, learning centers, families, mom support groups, townships) This course explores the dramatic influence the media has on our children and provides great recommendations on how to improve the quality of time you spend with your children. We provide innovative alternatives to be in relationships with your children and their friends such as:

    • Learning how to run parties without presents
    • Using educational computer programs

    In addition, we discuss ways to limit television time to help your children embrace a more wholesome way of life for children in the midst of a consumer-driven society. [Eight sessions]

  • Discovering a Sense of Place
  • Ideal for families, schools, townships) Can you identify the bioregion in which you live? Can you name the plants and animals native to your hometown? This course is designed for those interested in understanding the bioregional perspective. You will gain a new appreciation of the difference between living on the land and living with it.

    You will learn how to create a bioregional map. Learn how watersheds, plant types, animal species, climate and human culture play a role in shaping and changing the place where you live. [Eight sessions]

  • Voluntary Simplicity

  • (Ideal for schools, corporations, individuals) Take a plunge into simplifying your everyday life. Learn how others are “living more with less.” Course readings include “Your Money or Your Life” and “Do You Have the Time?” which allows readers to assess their own lives and lifestyle. Participants will finish the course with a feeling of hope as well as the practical knowledge of how to move toward a simple, yet satisfying lifestyle. [Eight sessions]

  • Choices for Sustainable Living

  • (Ideal for townships, corporations, families, educators) Explore the real meaning of the term sustainability. See how your lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on Earth. Look at the impact of economics, community, shopping patterns, eating habits and more and their connection to our ability to live sustainability. [Nine sessions]

  • Global Warming: Changing Course

  • (Ideal for corporations, townships, schools) This discussion guide focuses specifically on climate change. It provides an opportunity to explore actions and personal lifestyle in relationship to global warming and our own “carbon footprint.” [Four sessions]

    These programs are available as individual forums or contact Planet Apothecary to schedule a time for Dr. Jeanette Wolfe to facilitate.