Services & Techniques

We offer a variety of services and educational programs that can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of you, your family, your company, even your pet. Our services and programs incorporate a unique combination of modalities and techniques from intimate ergonomics which enables you to create surroundings that foster creativity, individual and well being, to drumming—now used by major corporations such as Toyota to enhance team building, communication and to lower stress.

Our modalities and techniques include …

  • Intimate Ergonomics & Feng Shui (4 schools)
  • Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Lighting,
  • Music & Movement Therapy
  • Phoenix Vibrational Healing
  • Spiritual Response Technique
  • Cayce Healing Readings
  • Nutritional Diets/ Programs
  • Akashic Readings, Numerology, Geomancy
  • Drumming