Nurturing your pet for optimum health and wellbeing means …

  • creating a sacred space of calm for your pet
  • slowing down & listening to your intuition
  • Reducing sick time
  • actively bringing your connection to your pet into your interactions with vets and other professionals helping your pet

Through Planet Apothecary’s services, you can find out…what kind of help your pet would like, how to ease transitions, ways to support healing, the best food for your pet’s health, insight into interpersonal or interspecies relationships, how clarify life issues behind health challenges and how to identify steps you can take to help.

A session with Dr. Wolfe or one of her team members is ideal for:

  • Pets in transition or under emotional stress, such as moving, new siblings, blended households or loss of a family member
  • Pets with physical issues including food allergies, past or current trauma, injury, chronic pain, illness or who may be close to death
  • Pets experiencing emotional stress from current or past trauma
  • Pets reflecting their humans’ issues
  • Pets with behavior changes
  • Pets with mystery symptoms, or symptoms that linger long after the original cause