Enhancing the Learning Experience …

Whether your child is in daycare, school or still at home, there are so many things that you or your school can do to enhance their learning—simple things that support greater happiness, creativity and reduce stress.

Imagine your children smiling

  • feeling happier about themselves
  • managing their stress levels better
  • accessing their intuition and creativity more easily
  • feeling more confident and overcoming fears
  • expressing their individuality
  • and becoming self motivated and enthusiastic

Well they can! Planet Apothecary can create a multi-modality program that includes:

  • analyzing the space
  • colors
  • lighting
  • the spatial arrangement of the furniture
  • introducing scent into the space

In addition to these Intimate Ergonomics, Dr. Jeanette Wolfe can provide:

  • nutritional and supplemental guidance
  • lead groups through brain-enhancing movement
  • space clearing
  • SRT and/or Reiki & Phoenix Vibration Brain Balancing
  • drumming circles

Drumming is great for both children and educators. It develops the ability to listen, creates social support, helps hyperactive people relax, supports fine motor skills, boosts immune function, stimulates creativity, develops coping skills, and fosters both a sense of self and feelings of belonging.

Support your educators, facilitate the optimum environment and boost communications by applying these programs to your faculty space and team building through drumming.

Do the signs, colors, furniture, scents and lighting of your space support learning?