Think about the wonderful scent of Essential Oils; rose, lavender, sandalwood, lemon and mandarin orange. Think about how powerful the sense of smell is. Most women understand the power and subtlety of scent from years of study and practice, cooking, creating homes and loving environments.

Research shows that essential oils (EO’s) have a complex, positive influence on the emotions, as well as being effective anti-microbial agents, capable of destroying all kinds of bacteria, viruses and yeast. Additionally, those pathogens never develop a resistance to the actions of essential oils. EO’s are concentrated and need to be diluted for safety’s sake. In Europe, essential oils are used to sanitize hospitals and that’s one reason why their patients do not suffer from the high incidence of hospital-contracted infections experienced in the United States, where synthetic, petroleum-based disinfectants are the rule.

Simply spraying a room with oils like lemon, mandarin orange or pink grapefruit, diluted in water, does wonders for clearing the air of microbes, pollutants and toxins. If you’re doing dusty work in the house, periodically spray the room and you’ll notice an immediate improvement as the electrically charged essential oil droplets capture and neutralize the dust particles in the air.

While essential oil sprays can be a healthy way to keep your family safe from infectious diseases, they can also be one of your best tools when moving into a newly built home, or even when installing a new carpet or furniture. In those situations many people suffer from “new house” sniffles. Those are the headaches and allergic reactions caused by irritating chemicals found in modern building materials, synthetic carpets and fabrics, as well as the finishes and glues in furniture.

Building construction, furniture and house ware manufacturing has been revolutionized by the use of toxic, synthetic materials. For example, synthetic carpeting contains formaldehyde. New homes are glued together with toxic petroleum adhesives. Built-in counters and furniture are constructed from sawdust formed into boards with glue. Exterior decking is made impervious to bugs by filling it with the poison arsenic that leeches out in the form of crystals to be tracked into the house. Molds grow inside metal air conditioning systems and then their spores are sent around the home by the circulating fan.

Diffusing essential oils daily in target rooms can do a remarkable job of removing toxins from the air, neutralizing them and dropping them to the floor where they can be vacuumed up. The most important rooms to focus on are the bedrooms, because the body is up to 10,000 times more sensitive to toxins when asleep as compared to awake.

New houses emit toxins for a year or more after construction, depending upon how much the house is able to breathe; in other words are the windows open and how often you clean the air with essential oils. Spraying diluted essential oils inside the air ducts helps the AC perform in a healthier way and sends the essential oils throughout the building.

Government studies claim the average home contains about 150 cancer-causing chemicals in the form of cleaning supplies and personal care products. To understand why synthetic petroleum-based solvents and cleaners are so dangerous to the body, you need to understand how the skin defends the body from toxic chemicals. It does that by excreting natural fatty oils from hormonal glands in the skin. These oils normally do a great job of repelling invaders and sealing the pores against invading proteins. However, what are these cleaners designed to do? Dissolve oils and fats, which means they cut right through the skin’s defense system, into the bloodstream and from there, into the liver where they can do real damage.

Why do companies use synthetic ingredients in their products? Because they’re cheaper, have a longer shelf life and don’t require the gentle handling of a natural product. Why do cosmetic and drug companies test products on animals? Because those synthetic products never existed in nature, so they are an unknown quantity. Every synthetic has a toxic effect and they need to know if that “side” effect will inhibit sales success. They don’t test for the more dangerous toxic reactions that happen when these synthetics are combined together. Look at the labels on commercial cleaners and shampoos, after ‘water’ what else can you easily identify? The more natural the product, the more things that you’ll recognize on the label!

Where do you start? With essential oils!

Nature’s Sunshine is famous for their quality. Among herbalists they’re considered to be the Cadillac, Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce of the herbal industry, all rolled up in one. This accounts for the amazing customer loyalty they’ve experienced since their founding in 1972. When they moved into producing essential oils, they approached it with that same single-minded intention to be “Simply the Best”. When it comes to essential oils and personal care products that’s what you want.