Corporate Consulting

It is as vital to maintain balance in the corporate structural health as it is in the physical body. When a company is in harmony and comes from a place of honoring its people, products, services and customers, success follows. When fear enters into a corporationís psyche, stress and chaos undermine the companyís ability to succeed and to attract good people.

Bringing a unique set of talents, skills, experience and educational background, Dr. Jeanette Wolfe has developed the means of returning a company and its people back to health and harmony. Before working with a corporation, Dr. Wolfe meets with management to see what is not working. Based on her insights, and the issues management wants to address, she will recommend a range of options, including:

  • Using Intimate Ergonomics psychology, color and spatial arrangements to change the functionality of the space
  • Conducting communications workshops for either individuals or groups
  • Providing leadership enhancement consulting
  • Creating drumming rhythm circles to enhance communications and team building (used successfully by major corporations across the country, such as Toyota in Torrance, California)

What will you get out this healing? You will save money and boost profits. Thatís the bottom line