About Dr. Jeanette Wolfe

Dr. Jeanette Wolfe brings over 26 years of experience—in a unique combination of modalities and education, including healing & esoteric arts and textile product design. She graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology and worked for nearly 10 years as a textile designer for high profile retailers. She received her Ph.D. from Clayton College and is a Doctor of Naturopathy. Coming from a long lineage of herbalists and healers, Dr. Wolfe is deeply dedicated to sustainability and a natural lifestyle. She is a Reiki Master and has studied the four schools’ approaches to Feng Shui, becoming a Feng Shui Master. She is also educated in Spiritual Response Technique and Phoenix Vibrational Healing as well as having studied with Dr. Rita Byrne, a direct disciple of Edgar Cayce, to master reading the body’s energy fields. She uses numerology, color, sound, space and drumming in her work to heal, calm and awaken us—physically, mentally and spiritually.